Why trust us

We are not tied to any banks or products

If a financial planner only offers one or two products, they’re looking out for their best interests, not yours. At Discover, we always recommend the financial products that are best for you — not best for us or a bank.

We personalise every financial plan

Every financial plan we create starts with a blank piece of paper. It’s only after we discover your dreams, goals and obstacles do we start to create a plan that’s best for you.

We make financial planning easy

Some financial planners make everything complicated and confusing. Every member of our team makes money matters easy and straightforward so you are always 100% clear.

Advice without the
sales pitch

We never instruct or sell. We suggest and advise based on your financial goals, the current markets, our past experience as well as our vast knowledge, experience and proven results.

No-obligation consultations with
our experts

We offer free, no-obligation Financial Freedom consultation that’s designed around discovering your financial goals, your picture-perfect retirement goals and how we can make your ideal lifestyle a reality.

Book a Financial Freedom consultation

Our no-obligation Financial Freedom consultation will help you discover how to achieve your short-
and long-term financial goals with our proven approach to wealth creation.