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Retirement Planning

Is your retirement plan looking less like a dream and more like a nightmare?

In your 20s and 30s, you probably fantasised about a retirement on a beautiful beach. Maybe even in a penthouse apartment, driving a shiny new sports car and cruising around the world in your yacht.
As you start getting closer and closer to retirement, those dreams may have faded a little. Perhaps reality has set in and your retirement dreams are looking more like a nightmare.

The closer you get to retirement, the more you’ll ask yourself:
- Just how long will my money last?
- Will we have to cut back our lifestyle?
- Is it too late to retire in style?

Whether you have plenty of years left to work, if you’re knocking on the door to retirement or if you’re currently withdrawing savings, it’s never too late to benefit from a proven retirement plan.


Our Goal:
To ensure your money
lasts throughout your

Everybody’s retirement goals are different.

That’s why we start with a crystal-clear picture of what your desired lifestyle is in retirement and what financial resources you will require to fund this lifestyle. Then, we model the cashflow of your retirement assets to conservatively assess how long your money is expected to last.

We will help you with making decisions around how you invest for retirement and what kinds of structures you can use to your benefit. To help you bridge the gap, accumulate wealth and get to your goal. Upon doing so, we will answer these questions for you:
- Is your portfolio the right mix of investments to provide a
comfortable income throughout retirement?
- Are you risking your retirement with aggressive investments?
- What should you do to combat cost of living pressures?
- How should you accurately track your progress?
- What income can you sustainably draw from your assets?

Many of our clients are realising the wealth-accumulating benefits of superannuation because they help shield your retirement income from taxes. Our Discover team will show you how to make the most of this resource whether it is through a public offer super fund or private self-managed super.

Remember, retirement can last 15, 20 even 30 years or more! The sooner you create a solid retirement plan, the more you invest in your future, the longer your retirement savings will fund your lifestyle.