The team

Discover a team who want to see you succeed

Making the right financial decisions for you starts by working with the right team. Here at Discover, our expert financial advisors care about your individual needs. And we use our vast knowledge and experience to maximise your wealth and peace of mind.

Matt Gibson
Founding Director, Financial Planner CFP

At every step, Matt ensures this vital question is always answered: “Are you on track to meet your future needs?”
Lachlan Anderson
Partner & Financial Adviser

Lachlan believes that working closely with clients over the long term can have a significant and profound impact on the financial freedom!
David Meffert
Partner & Principal Adviser (Private Wealth)

David has been advising clients since 2003
specialising in high net worth.
Manela Gunawardena
Financial Adviser

Manela was captivated on how a financial planner could help individuals identify the true potential in better money management. This interest marked the beginning of her journey to complete her Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning with Distinction.
Tim Barresi
Financial Adviser

Tim combines his professional passions of finance with helping others to best meet their financial goals.
Jayne Gibson
Ron Etheridge
Client Care

Ron is an implementation specialist, driven by results to make it happen!
Simone Anderson
Client Care

Simone assists specifically with the file reviewing and preparation functions of our business, supporting our advisers to spend more time working directly with our clients.
Andrew Kostarakis
Client Care
Amie Chami
Client Care

No matter where you’re at, Amie has the gift of diagnosing your financial gaps.
Gary Douglas
Risk Insurance Specialist

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