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Investment Strategies

Strategies that
revolve around you.

Too many Financial Advisers push their financial strategies
that align with THEIR products.

Just imagine walking into a financial adviser’s office. And before he shakes your hand or knows anything about your financial goals and your risk tolerance, he already has his investment strategies mapped out for you.

That means he’s pushing HIS financial products… the same products he pushes on ALL of his clients.

Investment Strategies

At Discover, we start by discovering YOU.

We Listen To You! Your family, your short-term and your long-term financial goals.

Only then do we work WITH YOU to help create solid investment strategies you will be comfortable with over the long run.

Our most important investment tools are our ears. We start by getting to know you:

Your GOALS: Which investment strategy will help you best achieve your financial goals?

Your RISK TOLERANCE: How should you structure your investments to best take advantage of tax and asset protection opportunities?

Your SUCCESS: What does success look like to you? Financial independence… Wealth… A picture-perfect retirement?

Because Discover Financial Partners is not aligned with any major bank or product provider, rest assured that we have zero biases. In fact, to ensure we provide the best advice, we will happily outsource any financial advice that’s outside our core competencies.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of ways to reach your financial goals, but the risk, return profile and time commitment vary. We want you to be a part of your investment strategies. After all, if you don’t make a choice, your super makes it for you — and they rarely have your best interest at heart.