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Debt Management

Managing your debt
the right way can
help push you
towards financial

If you are like 99% of people, you have debt. Maybe you have school loans. Or high credit card balances. You probably have a mortgage. Even a second mortgage.

You’ve probably been told that debt is an obstacle that stands between you and financial freedom. That’s true for some debt but not all debt. In fact, having certain debt becomes an advantage you can leverage to help you invest towards your future.

It’s all about finding the perfect balance. Eliminate all debt and you eliminate an important financial leverage. Ignore massive debt and you will never have the leverage to invest like you should.


What’s the perfect balance
of Debt Management?

The team at Discover Financial Partners has spent years exploring the answers to that question. Through impressive results for our clients, we believe we’ve discovered the sweet spot for achieving financial freedom through better debt management.

Here’s why our proven debt management plan delivers results:

1. We help you establish a plan that reduces debt that is costing you money.
2. We reveal why you should not eliminate debt that benefits your investments.
3. We review your current income and expenses to discover opportunities to make debt reduction an easy and automatic process.
4. We focus on the #1 factor when borrowing to invest: Cashflow. Together, we review just how strong your cashflow is today and will be in the future.
5. Finally, we share how to effectively manage your tax consequences when you borrow to invest.

True financial freedom starts with confidence. We want you to be 100% confident that your financial strategy yields the highest return possible with the lowest tax consequences.