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Self-Managed Super Funds

Discover why Australian's trust $700 billion of their assets to SMSF.
And why YOU
could too!

We know you. Yes, even if we haven’t met with you yet, you probably want what almost everybody else wants in creating your financial plan.

First, you want control.
You want a say in where your money goes and to be able to invest with few restrictions.

Second, you want maximum returns.
The higher your returns, the more comfortable your retirement and the closer you are to true financial freedom.

Third, you want minimum tax burdens.
After all, the less you pay in taxes, the more you get to pocket.

Self-Managed Super Funds are today’s best solution that provide you with all three: More control over your super investments and taxes, maximum returns and minimum tax burdens.


We can help you to easily
leverage the many benefits
of SMSF’s

Gain control over your investments and taxes.

There’s a reason why Self-Managed Super Funds now account for about 1/3 of total super savings in Australia. Not only do you gain control over your investments and taxes, you also benefit by:

- Investing direct with few restrictions.

- Borrowing to invest so you don’t tap your income.

- Giving you more choice in how you pay for and house your personal insurance,
such as income protection and life insurance.

- Taking advantage of advanced strategies such as dividend imputation credits to pay little or no tax.

We make SMSF easy for you

Too many families are intimidated by these funds. Because they are self-managed, they fear they are complex to set up and manage. Plus, if they set them up wrong, they could cost themselves serious benefits and savings.

Thankfully, Self-Managed Super Funds are super easy for you because of Discover. Everyone on our team has become experts in setting up, managing, tracking and ensuring your super funds perform.

Don’t overlook SMSF’s simply because you don’t understand them. We have helped so many of our clients successfully leverage these high-return and low-tax funds to generate wealth faster than their original goals. Let’s have a discussion about these Self-Managed Super Funds — Perhaps we can do the same for you.